How do we manufacture?

Our products are manufactured following three basic principles:

1. The quality

Propiedades calcetín de esquí Gall Fer

Gall Fer ski and snowboard socks are made with top quality fabrics such as:

  • Micotecnic®: fiber for continuous and demanding use, capable of transporting moisture produced by sweat to the outside. It is fungicidal, having the highest antimicrobial capacity on the market. Eliminates bacteria and fungi that cause discomfort and odors.
  • Thermolite®: light and insulating fabric that maintains body temperature providing maximum comfort.

2. Proximity

Sede calcetines de esquí

Our offices are located in the Pyrenees, near the snow. Thanks to this our ski socks have been tested in all conditions, from the most favorable to the most adverse, such as a very hot day or a blizzard day.

We have been able to develop some highly versatile technical ski socks, which are not hot on the sunniest days, and maintain the body temperature on colder days.

3. The design

Calcetines de esquí Gall Fer

At Gall Fer we choose the patterns and colors used in each of our products, giving our ski socks its own personality and character.

Designed so you can practice your favorite winter sports without losing your character!