At Gall Fer Socks we have three main focuses of action to reduce our impact on the environment and increase awareness. These three focuses are packaging, manufacturing materials, and raising awareness.

First is manufacturing. Materials are currently not sufficiently developed to offer the same or similar benefits as socks made from non-recycled fibres. Even so, it is a very relevant field and we will continue to monitor technical advances within the sector.

Second, there is packaging. This has biodegradable bags, which individually separate each pair of socks and protect them from dust and other environmental factors that may harm the product. On the other hand, we have the dies that are used to hang the socks in stores and show the basic information of the product, from the composition to the washing instructions, the size and the NIF. The dies are made from recycled cardboard. In addition, for shipments we use recycled kraft paper.

Finally, from Gall Fer Socks we want to try to increase the perception of all the harmful behaviors that skiers have in the mountains, in order to reduce the impact of the negative externalities derived from this sport. In addition, we also want to increase the visibility of endangered species such as the capercaillie itself, which although some are very close to us, we are unaware of the existence of the problem.